I write articles, professional development content, and company messaging on a host of topics from team building to diversity and inclusion to wellness and mental health. I assist clients with blog writing in fields ranging from event management to continuing education and more.

Another piece of the pie is the research I do to round out client libraries. I’m a student at heart and I relish the thrill of chasing down a new idea.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of writing profiles on fascinating people including Philip Simmons, celebrated blacksmith, Jacques d’Amboise, ballet legend and educator, Edwin McCain, singer/songwriter, John Legend, EGOT, and many others. Often the most memorable folks are the ones you’ve never heard of like the Holocaust survivor who taught me a master class on loving life (“Take a walk and eat a banana”); or the paraplegic skier who helps children with physical challenges try a new sport.

Variety is the Spice

I’m happiest when I’m doing many things. Perhaps that stems from my ballet training and my experience in the non-profit and magazine industries where each individual wears several hats. For me proofreading, brainstorming ideas, and helping on a photo shoot makes for a perfect day.

I strive to bring that openness to new experiences with me as I get to know new clients.

The true spice is in the full circle moments—seeing an idea grow into an enduring program like the Studio Series at Richmond Ballet or writing a professional development lesson that evolves into a popular speaker’s talk.

The possibilities are all around us. What do you want to say? Let’s tell it together.