Article: New Beginnings

New Beginnings

by Jennifer Baker
October 12, 2021

We are feeling that back-to-school feeling and the anticipation of new beginnings. Maybe it’s our new office space that has us organizing, re-imagining, and feeling a renewed sense of excitement.

At a time when the world remains chaotic and uncertain, getting to plan and brainstorm for clients is a welcome dose of normalcy. We are happiest when the creativity is flowing.

We are thankful for longstanding clients and the relationships we have created over many years and projects. We are equally thankful for the new arrivals that trust us to help re-imagine their events. It’s a time for flexibility and a nimbleness that surprises. There are challenges, but by and large, people are adaptable and open to new ways of working.

As fall approaches and events and conferences continue to find their footing—whether online or hybrid, or maybe in-person, we are feeling the excitement.

The folks at Swapcard shared some stats recently from more than 300 event planners who were asked about the biggest challenges of managing a hybrid event. The two biggest concerns were: “engaging two audiences” (33.5 percent)—in-person and online, and “networking between two groups of attendees” (19.2 percent). That jives with our experience as well.

That’s why our virtual lobby gets even more attention than our new physical lobby at our office. It’s all about (you know it) location, location, location. Attendees need a destination even when, or maybe especially when, their conference is virtual. This is the place where folks can network, chat online, grab some swag, etc. –just as if they were there in person. Equally important is the real-time tracking that event organizers get to help make each event better and more targeted.

While hosting events and meetings in person remains the gold standard, there can be a bit of the magical with hybrid ones. They allow for those “ta-da” moments, and help people to see and do more because they can tune in to seminars they weren’t able to visit in real time. The feedback shows that people really enjoy the options and the feeling of connection.

We love hearing about these wins from our clients. What would help to make your event better? We’re here to talk through the details if you need help.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to put the finishing touches on our new space. Do we go with a splash of color on the wall or a dramatic cityscape? We’ll let you know. Take care and enjoy this time of transition, whatever that means for you.